Max Gausselmann

I grew up in Germany. After the obligatory school curriculum, I learned the pastry trade in the Lower Rhineland, then I held for a few years the business of my parents “Konditorei & Cafe”.

That’s how I became familiar with the world of catering and gastronomy.

After 8 years working as a baker, I decided to go to Berlin and resume my studies in the food technology and process technology sector. During this course, I realized several scientific projects abroad.

I then worked for several years as an engineer in Swiss and French companies. In this professional context, I traveled worldwide..

The last two positions I held in the agribusiness industry in Germany were as “R & D Manager” and as “Business Development Officer”. These functions also led me to implement projects around the world.

Then, one day, I made the decision to completely change my life, to follow my heart and to make my real passions my job. I would like to add that I have been practicing tai chi and qi gong for many years with Master Ralf Hoffmann at the Tao Institute in Germany.

A few years ago, I studied and practiced Kung-Fu by my Indonesian teacher Bambang’s  at the “Kung Fu Akademie” in Berlin. Finally, tango is another passion that I have devoted myself to for many years. I learned to dance, among others, in Berlin, Neubrandenburg and Greifswald, and I perfected myself in Paris.

Another hobby are the horses. I myself broke up and trained our thoroughbreds Arabs. In addition, I am a member of the EAHAE (Horse Assisted Education) International Association, a technique of initial and ongoing horse training for executives, entrepreneurs, groups and individuals, which we also teach.

I moved to French in 2016.

I like to move ; I like to work my body and my mind. Tai Chi, qi gong, but also tango are for me the path that guides me in life, as a philosophy that, in my eyes, contains the essential. These experiences, I would like to share them with other people, and also pass them on.