We have a wonderful mission: to offer a unique, remarkable and sustainable cultural place to encourage the development of the potential, autonomy and creativity of everyone.

We share with all the people we welcome our experience in the areas of health, spirituality, body language and the art of movement. Hospitality and gratitude are ubiquitous values ​​here.

We maintain this place with great pleasure, genuine dedication, dedication, sincerity and a great willingness for the members (participants), hosts and groups to feel good and to promote their personal development.

Our activity is marked by the love of the movement as well as the passion for the resulting experiences. Our current offer, internships and seminars is based on our experience of life enriched by professional qualifications in very diverse disciplines.

Thanks to our know-how and our will to continually improve ourselves, we deliver high quality lessons. In addition, we also plan to work in close collaboration with institutes and similar schools in France and Germany in the near future.

To become fully conscious of one’s way of being and one’s unconscious, to learn how to let one’s body and mind express itself freely.

Clairvoyance and trust are buried deep within us; yet they are integral to the human being that we are. Everyone then has the ability to rediscover them and feel them consciously provided that they work on them – both physically and spiritually – by spending the necessary time.